Dubai police will ride on Aston Martin and Lamborghini

February 21, 2015 at 23:34

The police claim that such expensive cars are designed to increase the popularity of law enforcement officers among ordinary citizens.
Despite the fact that the police of Dubai has the most famous and richest in the world fleet, the police use their super-expensive and powerful supercars to patrol the streets, rather than high-speed chases.
The police claim that such expensive cars are designed to increase the popularity of law enforcement officers among ordinary citizens. Anyone can come and take pictures with cars, most of which are “mere mortals” can be seen except on the colorful pictures on the Internet. In addition to all the official press center of Dubai Police publishes video dedicated to the famous fleet of vehicles, one of which we bring to your attention.

police Aston Martin picture

police Aston Martin pics

James Bond Aston Martin exchanged for Jaguar and Land Rover

February 11, 2015 at 16:38

The company Jaguar Land Rover signed c Sony Pictures for the supply of vehicles to 007. In the film “Spectre” James Bond lucky enough to get behind the wheel Range Rover Sport SVR, bigfoot-based Land Rover Defender, as well as a sports car Jaguar C-X75.
According to official sources, Jaguar will be used for the chase scenes of gangster “Aston” through the streets of Rome, and SUVs lit up against the backdrop of the Austrian Alps. Logic dictates that the Range Rover Sport SVR, which is the fastest production “Range”, will soon go on the asphalt, while bigfoot, equipped with 37-inch wheels, ride on snow-covered James Bond virgin.

James Bond Aston Martin pics

James Bond Aston Martin picture

Prodrive will help Aston Martin to create carbon supercar

January 17, 2015 at 19:45

British engineering company Prodrive has received an order to produce carboxylic body panels, estimated at 15 million pounds (about 24 million US dollars). Representatives of the company said that the items will be prepared “for the new supercar, which runs in the series one of the most prestigious car manufacturers in the world.” Officially, “Prodrive” did not report the name of his client, but according to the publication Automobile, it is likely an Aston Martin.
According to the “Prodrive” new order will be so large that the company will have to hire an additional 40 technicians, increasing the total to 160 people. Thus British added that will become part of an order making carbon fiber interior parts which must be unusual touch.
Earlier Aston Martin ordered carbon elements of the Canadian firm Multimatic, which published the details for the One-77 supercar, V12 Zagato and Speedster CC100. As noted in the Automobile, now “Aston” probably decided to cooperate with the British supplier – Prodrive.

Aston Martin Carbon car pics

Aston Martin Carbon car picture

DP-100 Vision by Aston Martin for Gran Turismo 6

December 27, 2014 at 00:29

The Aston Martin Company has published video teaser of virtual supercar prepared for racing simulator Gran Turismo 6 on the game console Playstation 3. The technology is called DP 100 Vision. Design was developed within six months. The car is not just another design exercise, and will serve as a “visual clue for future sports cars”. Judging from the video, the novelty will receive a rear engine layout, LED headlights and taillights, as well as an aerodynamic body kit carbon.
The car has received a carbon fiber trim and engine V12. The model is designed specifically for the game Gran Turismo based console Sony PS3.

DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo 6 pics

DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo 6 image

Rebirth of the brand Aston Martin will start in 2016

December 20, 2014 at 15:55

Next generation of Aston Martin DB9 sports car, which will debut in the second half of 2016, will be the foundation stone of the new Aston and mark the start of “large grocery attack” the British company. Her car will be transformed technology through collaboration with concern Daimler, and externally to differ from each other due to a new design concept. This was learned from sources close to the leadership of the firm. In 2016 Aston Martin just completes the partnership with Ford, delivering him from the factory in Cologne V8 engines and V12. They will be replaced motors AMG capacity from four to six liters, which will be imprisoned under the VH platform of the next generation.

Rebirth of the brand Aston Martin pics

Rebirth of the brand Aston Martin picture

Solar panels for Aston Martin sports cars

December 18, 2014 at 15:49

The team Aston Martin Racing won the race “24 Hours of Le Mans”: crew piloting V8 Vantage GTE with the number 95, became the best in the class GTE Am. Logo Hanergy Solar has flaunted under the headlights combat Astonov. By A team Aston Martin Racing has signed a partnership agreement with the firm Hanergy Global Solar Power & Applications Group, which is developing thin-film photovoltaic modules. Aston racers believe that such solar panels to help them win in endurance racing. “We do not consider solar energy as a power source for our cars, – explained the head of the team Aston Martin Racing John Gow. – I think we can use it to improve the comfort of drivers and thus improve our performance on the track.”

hanergy solar image

hanergy solar pics

Lotus and Aston Martin May Team up in the Future

November 2, 2012 at 09:29

According to Western media, Lotus and Aston Martin automobile manufacturing as well as luxury sports car brands may soon come together and begin to produce joint models of the high-class vehicles. As some of the automotive as well as business critics say, such a joint work can be beneficial for both partners – together they will be able to release new models, which will occupy a special niche in the market, or even will create their own niche.

Aston Martin Vehicle Photo

Aston Martin Vehicle Photo