Aston Martin rejects the idea of creating SUV

March 29, 2015 at 19:20

British company producing luxury sports car Aston Martin has announced the release of refusal under the brand SUV Lagonda. For a long time it was rumored that the British are going to resurrect the name for a crossover, but now this information is denied.

Aston Martin Lagonda Concept pics

Aston Martin Lagonda Concept image

Apparently, the British took into account the sad experience gained during the presentation of the model in 2009 in Geneva. Then, on the off-road concept (pictured) hit a barrage of criticism that his prematurely removed from the “podium”. Officially comment sounded chief designer Marek Reichman Aston Martin: “Then it was a different time. When Ulrich Meringue (previous CEO Aston Martin), such projects were possible, and now is the time quite different: we otherwise see our future lineup and place name Lagonda in it. ”

Aston Martin Lagonda Concept picture

Aston Martin Lagonda Concept pics

Instead, told reporters the chief designer Marek Reichman Company, British brand will focus on the new promising direction – piece construction with exclusive car bodies commissioned by the VIP-clients. It is these machines can be combined famous name Lagonda, dating back to 1900 years.

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