Fisker created carbon Aston Martin Vanquish

April 16, 2015 at 17:21

Henrik Fisker, who is better known as the founder of Fisker Automotive, returned briefly to his main specialization – design of cars. Henrik has created a unique version of the V12 Vanquish coupe called Thunderbolt.
However, it is wise to call this car tuning project based coupe Aston Martin Vanquish. British brand – not a stranger to Fisker, who was her chief designer for several years. However, the model was Vanqusih and painted, and put into production after the retirement of the designer of the company.

carbon Aston Martin Vanquish picture

carbon Aston Martin Vanquish pics

The car has received a carbon fiber body, a modified grille and different rear window. In addition, the car was equipped with the updated LED lights, triangular air intakes, a spoiler and 21-inch wheels.
In the cabin installed 11.6-inch display Panasonic, to deal effectively with a variety of glare and reflections. Leather Cover, used in finishing, made by experts of the Italian company Natuzzi. Aristocratic model is emphasized by the special compartment for storing wine.

carbon Aston Martin Vanquish pics

carbon Aston Martin Vanquish image

Fisker has positioned itself Thunderbolt as a work of art, but an American company Galpin has announced the receipt of orders for the assembly of the machine.

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