Rebirth of the brand Aston Martin will start in 2016

December 20, 2014 at 15:55

Next generation of Aston Martin DB9 sports car, which will debut in the second half of 2016, will be the foundation stone of the new Aston and mark the start of “large grocery attack” the British company. Her car will be transformed technology through collaboration with concern Daimler, and externally to differ from each other due to a new design concept. This was learned from sources close to the leadership of the firm. In 2016 Aston Martin just completes the partnership with Ford, delivering him from the factory in Cologne V8 engines and V12. They will be replaced motors AMG capacity from four to six liters, which will be imprisoned under the VH platform of the next generation.

Rebirth of the brand Aston Martin pics

Rebirth of the brand Aston Martin picture

They say it will be a very light, will consist of a rather small parts made of extruded, molded or extruded aluminum. As to the flexibility of the new “truck”, then expect from her two variants track width and the same length wheelbase versions. Engineers will have to be prepared and to be built on this chassis a gasoline hybrid.

Rebirth of the brand Aston Martin image

Rebirth of the brand Aston Martin pics

Next after the new DB9 will replace the Vantage models in 2018. Vanquish coupe and convertible will wait until the end of the update decades – in 2019. The probability of two other prime is low because they are not in Aston Martin’s plans. Nevertheless, in 2020 assumed the new Rapide, and in 2021 – a full-size crossover Lagonda. About Lagonda sedan, which was recently caught on sea trials, insiders say nothing.

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