Aston Martin has found the money for a luxury crossover DBX

May 14, 2015 at 11:51

Investments from Italy, as well as shareholders from the Middle East in the amount of three hundred million dollars will allow Aston Martin to turn the concept of a hybrid coupe DBX in the production model.
In the spring of this year at the international motor show in Geneva of the British Aston Martin showed a conceptual fashion crossover DBX. At that time, his fate has not yet been resolved, but today the car was given a “green light.”

Aston Martin DBX concept picture

Aston Martin DBX concept pics

Recall that the DBX concept presented at Geneva had four electric motor-wheels, while the front under the hood … turned out to be the trunk! Electric motors fed experimental lithium-sulfur battery, and steering done without direct mechanical connection to the front wheels (control type drive-by-wire). It is possible that the serial crossover will be painted using a unique technology, where the base color is applied a thin layer of chromium to give shine.

Aston Martin DBX concept pics

Aston Martin DBX concept image

Also in the plans for Aston Martin included the release of a successor sports model DB9. This is probably going to happen in the next year, so a 12-cylinder sports car will hit the market much earlier DBX.

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