Aston Martin Vulcan review

April 13, 2015 at 18:55

Aston does not caricature cars, but Vulcan knowingly violates all bounds. The height of the machine is only 1186 mm. This is the lowest Aston, lower than the One-77, below all the racing cars. And it is long. Aft is huge, ridiculous, unmatched wing. Roof and windows are merged into a single “light.”
Yes, Aston deliberately chose futurism. This hero of science fiction, but unlike DP100 it is real. At least as far as can be real special series Track and a half million pounds per car. In other words, together with the concept of CC100 and mega sedan Lagonda Taraf, Vulcan – the bridge between today’s and tomorrow’s Aston. It takes pleasure unthinkable twenty-four lucky and makes us get used to the new design language. This laboratory capacity is 800 horses, which secrete distillate Vantage 2018.

Aston Martin Vulcan picture

Aston Martin Vulcan pics

In this case, the relief is a pure evolution Vanquish. The ribs are found on the door and go in outstanding hip. Vulcan has beautiful waist and behind the front arch – inverted shark fin. Its function is not to increase the pressure in this area.
Side exhaust pipes not only promise to visual and sound effects, but the stern and purified from unnecessary flow to the diffuser to work without interference.

Aston Martin Vulcan pics

Aston Martin Vulcan image

Vulcan have the same carbon-fiber monocoque, that of the One-77, but it is so modified that it can be considered a new design. Everything is made of carbon fiber, including the roof, and Vulcan woven roll cage FIA. In fact, the car meets all the criteria for amateur racing championship, except one: since all participants are placed on equal footing technical standards, it will be out of competition.

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