Great test-drive: Aston Martin One-77 Part I

April 3, 2015 at 18:14

Aston Martin One-77… you simply cannot dislike it. Just think about it – each of its extravagant front wings for three weeks tapping mallet. Three weeks on one wing! And when it was brought to the car show, it made men weep for joy, and it made a race of opening their bottomless wallets…
The driver’s door is opened to the side and slightly up – as well as on the new DB9 or Vanquish. But not slowly and solidly, and flying away to the side as a leaky helium balloon. The inner panel is a continuous sheet of carbon fiber with a brilliant eye-catching bright red stitched loop color.

Aston Martin One-77 picture

Aston Martin One-77 pics

The dashboard is made in the typical Aston Martin style. But it is highly elongated and has an elegant teardrop shape. Its careful forethought evokes a feeling of natural, organic origin. This is not the type of vehicle you just sit down and start rushing about your business.

Aston Martin One-77 pics

Aston Martin One-77 image

It may sound as romantic nonsense, but the One-77 creates a unique atmosphere like the one that emits Huayra. And at the same time has a theatrical expression, which is lacking too staid and serious Veyron.
When accustomed to the car, you take strange monolithic crystal bar and paste it into a small slot in the center console, and then it becomes the engine start button. What happens next is in itself worth at least half of the amount that we must pay for the car. 7.3-liter V12 literally tearing his vicious cold air, heavy barking. Sound sharp, clean and gloating at the same time. Light pressure on the pedal causes the momentum to break out and then fade away easily inherent Carrera GT or the Lexus LFA V10.

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