Great test-drive: Aston Martin One-77 Part II

April 5, 2015 at 18:31

It’s funny that cost option in the One-77 was the one and only – non-standard finish gearshift. But the price of such options depending on the material ranged from 15 to 40 thousand pounds.
While in the One-77’s roar of the exhaust system is much less pronounced than in some Italian models, however, it still sounds amazing. And it does not sound like the other modern Aston Martin: more racing, solid and instantly informs about the growth in turnover, we need only touch the accelerator pedal. Because of this, it seems that in the flywheel One-77 is made from paper.

Aston Martin One-77 picture

Aston Martin One-77 pics

Weak pressing the accelerator pedal leads to the fact that the One-77, gracefully twitching and rumbling, quickly carried away from the scene. Switching to second gear occurs even more smoothly. And this feeling is only reinforced by the weightless flywheel and bursting with anger V12.

Aston Martin One-77 pics

Aston Martin One-77 image

V-shaped 12-cylinder engine’s capability is 760 horsepower issue and 750 Nm – a plus because of the dry sump engine in One-77 “sitting” on a 100 mm lower than, for example, on the DB9. Torque is transmitted to the box through a carbon propeller shaft rotating within a magnesium alloy tube. Besides all this, the car boasts fully adjustable racing suspension (springs and dampers are located inside the body), which allows each owner to customize their car on their own.

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