Great test-drive: Aston Martin One-77 Part III

April 9, 2015 at 18:31

I must say that the One-77 is not a hypersensitive or capricious. Steering has a very fast response and rich feedback that is very similar to V12 Vantage. And if driving a Ferrari F12 you need some time to get used to it very sensitive management (steering ratio of 11.5: 1), the system is in the One-77 more intuitive and allows you to concentrate on getting the most out of the chassis and engine.

Aston Martin One-77 pics

Aston Martin One-77 image

On these twisty and slippery tracks Aston manages to manifest itself only with the best hand. His cold 335-millimeter tire P Zero Corsa is clearly not happy with the frozen asphalt and traction control is constantly forced to intervene and “choke” the engine. This leads to a hopeless struggle that Aston becomes nervous and irritable, because of the constant electronic dog collar, then hisses angrily helplessly slipping wheels.

Aston Martin One-77 picture

Aston Martin One-77 pics

Every inch of pedal turns into another surge of acceleration. You must understand that the One-77 is not one of those supercars, which you can control with recessed into the floor the accelerator pedal in the hope that the electronics itself will do everything for you. No, this is – a real old-school hyper car requiring respectful treatment. Especially in such ambiguous terms as it is today. And thanks to the magnificent carbon-ceramic brakes, providing continuous monitoring of the situation, it becomes apparent that it is created specifically for the movement and not to gather dust in any collection.
This car is a concentrated stream of rage, embodied in the metal.

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