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The company Aston Martin refers to the idea of reviving the name Lagonda not for the first time. A previous attempt was SUV created based on the old “GL.” Once this concept appeared in 2009, the British announced that the commercials in 2012 to run it on stream. But after a few months the project was frozen. In 2011 Lagonda returned to work, but things are there. But recently, the company said: Lagonda name really come back very soon. That’s just it will be a sedan.
Sedan will not enter into the regular line of models. It was destined to become a small-scale product hypercar like the One-77. Q Branch to build no more than 100 copies priced at around 400,000 pounds ($ 670,000) each. Obviously, the new product will be positioned as far above of Rapide. Sedan will be exclusive: larger and more luxurious.

aston martin lagonda 2015 pics

aston martin lagonda 2015 picture

It uses the same platform VH, that other Aston, but the wheelbase grows. For the sake of space on the second row, which is so sorely lacking in Rapid.

aston martin lagonda 2015 image

aston martin lagonda 2015 pics

Under the hood, the British established the same engine that Rapid has, – V12 6.0. Only to the original 558 hp engineers added 10-20 hp. The key to success is investigation program, which was announced late last month. By the way, there is a chance that resuscitated under the brand over time, will and suffering SUV. After more than five years ago, Aston bosses said that the dream of returning Lagonda name is not one model, but a whole family.

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