Aston Martin came up with the names of new models

January 27, 2015 at 21:41

The company Aston Martin has registered the name with the DB10 to DB14, which will be used for the following models of the brand name. It is expected that the first innovation that can get one of these indices will be the successor coupe DB9. This publication reports Autocar.
Earlier, the chief designer Marek Reichman has confirmed that the new generation DB9 «definitely» Save these letters in the title. As for the numbers, he said, it is not already selected. Autocar sources in the Aston Martin said that most of the top managers prefer the title DB10, but among the leadership, there are those who insist on keeping the index DB9.
It is expected that the new generation DB9 will hit the market in 2016. Coupe built on a new aluminum chassis, which will replace the current platform VH. In addition, the machine will be unified with the various components of “Mercedes”: the end of 2013 the company signed a technical cooperation agreement.

Aston Martin DB10 pics

Aston Martin DB10 pictire

From Mercedes-Benz new Aston Martin, and get eight biturbomotor that the English brand will help gather experts of studio AMG. According to preliminary data, the power unit will be around 500 horsepower.

Aston Martin DB10 pics

Aston Martin DB10 image

Also, the company plans to release the next generation of supercars and Vanquish Vantage. Total British brand hopes until 2020 to release five new models.

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