Aston Martin Engine Production Location Overview

May 3, 2012 at 18:22

The heart of Aston Martin, the engine of its most stunning sport models is assembled in German location, Cologne. It is Aston Martin’s production house since October 2004, and is still serving its perfect duty to create the core of these luxury cars. As it was officially stated the Aston Martin Engine Plant, located in German site Cologne occupies the 12,500 square meters of the land for its facility and has the capacity to assemble up to 5000 engines a year (both V8 and V12 model) by employing 100 especially trained personnel. This may not sound much, but for an exclusive car, it is enough to support the main activities at the core plants.

Aston Martin Engine Photo for A New Generation

Aston Martin Engine Photo for A New Generation

Like with the production of old V8 engine, assembly of each new unit at the plant is entrusted to a single technician who is taken from a pool of 30 workers. But what makes V12 to stand aside from the old V8, is that it can be assembled in a timeframe of less than 20 hours. One of the key success elements that determined the existence of this plant is the ability for Aston Martin to have its own plant and therefore to produce both engine types, the V12 and the V8, merely at the same line.

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