Aston Martin has unveiled Bond’s supercar DB10

February 9, 2015 at 15:46

24th film about the secret agent James Bond boasts not only a stellar cast, but also the exclusive car of the protagonist, which is designed specifically for shooting in the new movie.
The company Aston Martin has confirmed that the new James Bond film, which will be called “Spectre”, will star also one of the cars of the British company. It will be a model Aston Martin DB10, which was produced specifically for the “James Bond” and the free market is not yet received. Aston Martin will release a total of ten cars DB10, and worked on its development not only the employees of the British company, and director Sam Mendes.

Aston Martin DB10 pics

Aston Martin DB10 image

All ten Aston Martin DB10 collecting by hand and this model only demonstrate the future direction of the development of design. In late summer, the company has patented a new name Aston Martin DB10 and Aston Martin DB14, and in the near future is going to not only upgrade your existing cars, but also to expand the lineup.

Aston Martin DB10 pics

Aston Martin DB10 picture

So, update the DB9, Vantage and Vanquish, will be a new large sedan and SUV Rapide Lagonda.
The manufacturer did not specify the characteristics of a supercar, but explained that DB10 makes it clear in which direction will move Aston Martin and what will be the new company cars.

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