Aston Martin Named as Sex on Wheels

June 24, 2012 at 09:25

We all have known that Aston Martin is not just another sports or super car. This car is pure embodiment of style and class that cannot be found in any other car present on the Earth yet. Aston Martin is the total claimer of style and posh that should come with this type of modern design and engineering excellence. Recent reports though are quite controversy in regards to the future direction of the Aston Martin marquee.

Aston Martin Zgato 2012 Photo

Aston Martin Zagato 2012 Photo

From some of the recently announced financial forecasts for the Aston Martin manufacturer we can think that Aston Martin is undergoing some not so positive times. The down-turn can be happening because of the shrinking purchasing power of people, though the crisis is actually way behind us. Some financial analyst were proposing the solutions through partnerships or by going public through the IPO. The Financial analysis of the Aston Martin was there at the premiere of the limited-edition of AM Zagato. It was from the words of the Sande, who named that the Zagato from Aston Martin is the English proposition for the Italian sex on the wheels. So we expect that this extravagant and also sexy image from Aston Martin will make it more successful in the future.

Aston Martin Zagato Close View Photo

Aston Martin Zagato Close View Photo

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