Aston Martin received 200 million euros on new models

December 12, 2014 at 15:29

British sports car manufacturer Aston Martin has received a loan of 165 million pounds (197 million euros) on the development of the model line. According to Kirner, credit must be paid or refinanced in 2018. This means that approximately the same deadline should see the first new model of Aston Martin. It is expected to become the SUV, which will be revived for the brand Lagonda. The eponymous prototype was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2009 and caused a negative reaction as experts and journalists and visitors. It was assumed that “Aston” may refuse to launch a series of such a model, but a partnership agreement with the concern Daimler, signed in July last year, allowed the British to return to this project. It is expected that SUV Aston Martin will be built on a platform of Mercedes-Benz M-Class. According to others, for this model you plan to use the chassis GL-Class.

Aston Martin Lagonda image pics

Aston Martin Lagonda image picture

And cooperation will deliver “Aston” gasoline turbocharged 8-cylinder engine, transmissions and electrical components production studio AMG.

Aston Martin Lagonda  pics

Aston Martin Lagonda picture

As previously reported, Aston Martin sports cars with German engines appear in three or four years. Probably, the first model with such kind of units will supercars DB9 and V8 Vantage future generations.

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