Aston Martin This Sunday at N?rburgring 24 Hours

May 19, 2012 at 21:25

A greatly anticipated event of the finishing week is going to take place this Sunday in N?rburg. The N?rburgring 24 Hours is the greatest event which is going to provide real challenges for the participants. Aston Martin is going to rip its competitors off with the help of new V12 Vantage model of year 2012 and specially upgraded GT3 racing car.

Image of Aston Martin GT3 for N?rburgring 24 Hours

Image of Aston Martin GT3 for N?rburgring 24 Hours

Aston Martin is aiming higher than ever, getting one of the best models possible to N?rburg this coming Sunday. One should not expect anything simple or common, the speed and elegance of the ride will for sure astonish anyone. The event promises to be the greatest one of this year and the starting summer season. The Aston Martin is taking a professional racers driving team to the event, which consists from drivers from Germany, Czech Republic, Great Britain and Switzerland. Right now it is known that Aston Martin got a fairly good place at the qualifications from more than 170 racers willing to get into the race, and therefore is ready to get far beyond! Even though the race actually started on Saturday, the main line that everyone is looking for will be there tomorrow.

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