Aston Martin Vulcan is revealed!

February 23, 2015 at 18:18

Aston Martin Company has recently released another promotional video of the forthcoming racing models Vulcan, which will debut in Geneva on March 3rd.
Rumors that the new car will have only track version, yet were true, and Aston Martin Vulcan, obviously, will be legally belong to this category, judging by the huge rear wing and the lowered body with side exhaust pipes. According to experts this model is designed as a competitor for McLaren P1 GTR and Ferrari FXX K, and its production will be limited to less than 30 units.

Aston Martin picture

Aston Martin pics

It is possible that there will be used the powerful engine V12. That’s because the rumors say much more aerodynamic and light body structure obtained through the widespread use of carbon fiber, aluminum elements, asceticism interior cabin and other measures to save the car’s weight.

Aston Martin Vulcan picture

Aston Martin Vulcan pics

Customers of Aston Martin Vulcan are likely to benefit from the introduction of the program, which is actively used for P1 McLaren GTR and Ferrari FXX with their K, built on the platform LaFerrari. This means that Aston Martin will keep cars in their warehouses, and customers will be able to drive them in specially organized for these sports.

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