Aston Martin will release more than one hundred copies of Lagonda

February 3, 2015 at 13:25

The company Aston Martin released the first official images of the sedan Lagonda, which is for sale in the Middle East. According to World Car Fans, the circulation of the production version of the model, which debuted in 2015, is less than a hundred copies.
Official information about the power plant model yet. The publication noted that the sedan can get a 600-horsepower gasoline engine 6.0 V12 and V8 automatic transmission. There will be complement of four-door 5.9-liter V12, which is combined with a six-speed automatic transmission ZF. Edition Autoblog, in turn, suggests that the “Lagonda” will acquire eight-turbo engine from the court atelier Mercedes-Benz – the company AMG.

Aston Martin Lagonda pics

Aston Martin Lagonda picture

At the moment, pre-production version of the new sedan Aston Martin is tested under high temperature conditions in Oman. To the test set aside four weeks, during which the prototype will overcome 22 thousand 530 kilometers. At the moment the car went to Britain for further checks and tests.

Aston Martin Lagonda pics

Aston Martin Lagonda image

The first official teaser company Aston Martin Lagonda circulated in late July. Model, built on the chassis of VH, will be available only by special invitation from the automaker. Carbon sedan will be assembled by hand at the company in the UK Gaydon Pre-production prototype of Lagonda was declassified in late August. Photos posted machines partner Aston Martin – airline Oman Air, which was engaged in the transportation of the car to Oman.

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