The updated sedan Rapide S 2015-2016 Part II

February 16, 2015 at 00:23

We could enjoy the interior for a long time but let’s start moving. But then the question arises: Where is the actual gearbox? In the central tunnel it does not, the US switch near the steering wheel is also to be found. But there are a few key “P”, “R”, “N” and “D”, which are arranged symmetrically on either side of the ignition switch. With this issue sorted out. Sitting comfortably in a chair qualitative (by the way, stitching in the car is handmade without any defects) we press pedal to the metal.

Aston Martin Rapide S 2015-2016 picture

Aston Martin Rapide S 2015-2016 pics

The stabilization system allows the motorist some liberties, so that the car takes off, a little wag “tail”, and begins to pick up speed briskly. You would feel if you were in a supersonic plane not in the car. Even the back for those 5.3 seconds, which the vehicle spends on a set rate to «hundreds», so to speak pushes delicately.

Aston Martin Rapide S 2015-2016 image

Aston Martin Rapide S 2015-2016 pics

Operate this machine a pleasure. Perhaps the steering wheel might be a little heavier, but, in this or that case, the feedback is excellent. Rapide S promptly enters into any corners. There are no banks. Especially if you put the regime «Sport», then the dampers became more rigid. Work gearbox is just perfect, it shifts gears without any delay. If you do it for some reason do not trust, you can use the paddle shifters who can afford not to switch even in the cutoff.

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