Solar panels for Aston Martin sports cars

December 18, 2014 at 15:49

The team Aston Martin Racing won the race “24 Hours of Le Mans”: crew piloting V8 Vantage GTE with the number 95, became the best in the class GTE Am. Logo Hanergy Solar has flaunted under the headlights combat Astonov. By A team Aston Martin Racing has signed a partnership agreement with the firm Hanergy Global Solar Power & Applications Group, which is developing thin-film photovoltaic modules. Aston racers believe that such solar panels to help them win in endurance racing. “We do not consider solar energy as a power source for our cars, – explained the head of the team Aston Martin Racing John Gow. – I think we can use it to improve the comfort of drivers and thus improve our performance on the track.”

hanergy solar image

hanergy solar pics

While placed on the rear window module provides the only stickers. But soon the solar panels will not only V8 Vantage GTE, but also on the V12 Vantage GT3 and V8 Vantage GT4. In addition, in 2015 photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the new premises of Prodrive in Banbury.

hanergy solar pics

hanergy solar picture

Under the rules of FIA GT class cars must be equipped with air conditioning that keeps the temperature below 32 degrees Celsius. However, due to climatic load is lost engine power. Meanwhile, the thin-film solar panels placed on the roof or rear window of the car, could not only feed the air conditioning, but also other accessories. Aston Martin and Hanergy Solar intend to test the system in September this year, the race “Six hours Circuit of the Americas” in Texas, where it is expected the unbearable heat.

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