Daimler is going to buy Aston Martin

January 29, 2015 at 21:05

The company Daimler AG may buy Aston Martin, informs «Car and Driver». Now the German company owns a 5% stake in the British automaker.
The other day, Daimler executives were discussing plans for the complete absorption of Aston Martin.
However, the final decision has not been taken.
The part of the leadership group believes that the acquisition of the automaker has unnecessary risk.
Also, they do not exclude the option of increasing the share of Daimler’s Aston Martin up to 50%.
Currently, 35% of the shares are owned by the British automaker London InvestIndustrial Company.
In 2012, the company bought a stake from Aston Martin in Kuwait Investment Group Investment Dar.

Aston Martin pics

Aston Martin picture