Aston Martin showed in Geneva the conceptual electric car Lagonda Vision

March 28, 2018 at 18:25

The well-known auto brand Aston Martin showed in Geneva a new concept of a stylish electric car Lagonda Vision. The model became a demonstration of the “new design language”, which will be adapted to the serial cars until 2021.

All-electric 2019 Aston Martin Lagonda Vision pic

All-electric 2019 Aston Martin Lagonda Vision pic

Aston Martin will develop a hybrid model

June 21, 2015 at 16:33

The company Aston Martin plans to expand its lineup with six or seven models. As told in an interview with Autocar by the head of the brand Andy Palmer it is likely at there will be among them hybrid electric car.
“Creating a hybrid model – it is inevitable. This market segment is now being actively developed, “- said a top manager. According to him, the company is not limited to the development of new models; they also plan to establish their own power units and transmissions.

Aston Martin hybrid car picture

Aston Martin hybrid car pics

Aston Martin will develop its first production electric car

May 6, 2015 at 14:33

The company Aston Martin has decided to develop its first-ever serial electric car. New products will be created based on the coupe Rapide S. car primarily be focused on markets in China and the US, but the model could be on sale in other countries. This was in an interview with the head of the company Autoexpress Andy Palmer.

Aston Martin logo pics

Aston Martin logo picture

According to preliminary information, the car will receive two electric motors. The total capacity of the car will be more than 1,000 horsepower. The cruising of the vehicle exceeds 300 kilometers. If the project is approved, the price of the car will start at $ 300 000.
Note that at the moment Aston Martin is not included in any of the world’s concerns. Because of limited financial resources automaker it is hard to compete with its main rivals Bentley (Volkswagen Group), Maserati (Fiat Chrysler) and Rolls-Royce (BMW Group).

Aston Martin Electric Cars pics

Aston Martin Electric Cars image

The volume of the last major investment in the development of the English brand was 500 million pounds. All funds were used to update the current models. In particular, the money went to the development of a successor sports car DB9. Presentation of new products is planned for late 2016.

Aston Martin DBX concept 2015

March 18, 2015 at 19:15

The company Aston Martin has brought to the Geneva Motor Show an electric SUV prototype called DBX. Novelty is a harbinger of the first crossover in the history of the British brand.
In the concept car is missing the engine compartment – crossover is driven by electric motors located inside the wheels. The units are powered by a set of lithium-sulfur batteries. Data on the impact of engines are kept in secret.

Aston Martin DBX concept 2015 picture

Aston Martin DBX concept 2015 pics